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Warsaw Technical University, 2000

Meinardo's collection!

Picture taken by Andrej Libera during Menardo’s visit to Warsaw in October, 2000. Here both Andrzej and Meinardo studied during…

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International Coference on Fluidization!

International Conference on Fluidization!

Picture taken at the International Conference on Fluidization, Las Palmas, February 1994.

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About M. A. Boizan! >> M. A. Boizan - Expereience

Image taken from Meinardo's collection: Visit to Paris!

Paris, October 2002.

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Recreation area at Simon Fraser University!

Image taken from Meinardo's collection.

Visit to Montreal during the Christmas season of 2007!

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Saturday, 07 July 2007 09:54

Teaching experienced in process optimization, costing and project evaluation, mass and energy balance calculations, material and equipment selection. Experienced in the design and operation of chemical pilot plant and application of results to industrial scale and prototype development. Experienced in statistical analyses using factorial designs. Experienced with many data-processing software.

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